Review excerpts ....." Geiser makes work as good as any on the scene. Work of world class...profound, complex, raw , elegantly powerful paintings ! Wow !   Boyer Bell, REVTEW magazine 1997 Kim Foster Gallery NYC 
                                     "Geiser's June show at Butters Gallery had a jaw dropping effect. One of the most stupefying and sumptuous Northwest shows in recent memory. Geiser's cobalt blue horizontal monoliths extend across an endless gallery wall drifting forever outward with the universe... it's the most stunning hanging imaginable and if it doesn't make your knees weak, you are clinically dead.  David Geiser is the real deal  y'all.    Richard Speer  Butters Gallery Portland Oregon   
                                      "David Geiser's work is about tranforming matter into spirit. His stunning pieces ascend from the basic life force of nature. Biological stuctures manifest in the organization of human thought ."  "Where the spirit does not move the hand, there is no art " Leonardo da Vinci       Peter Selz  1992 Essay for catalog